Player Insurance Update

QRL Coronavirus Updates: Player insurance


Michael Hillier & Jorja Brinums


Mon 29 Jun 2020, 02:44 PM

The following advice is provided to support the administration of the Return to Play insurance program announced on June 23.

Through arrangement with Gallagher and the insurer, the QRL have agreed to pay an up-front premium for all teams under 6 through to under 18 participating in QRL sanctioned competitions in 2020.  This level of cover is restricted to the period between June 1 and October 30 and covers all approved training activity and up to 12 games. 

The cover is specifically issued to support claims made through the clubs policy during the 2020 season only.  It does not allow for clubs to obtain refunds of previously committed policies or result in the cessation of payment plans, as this will be extended as part of clubs coverage in 2021.  As per previous advice, the amount that can be ‘rolled over’ to 2021 is to be determined by the insurer at seasons' end. 

It is a condition of receiving this benefit that all clubs are up-to-date with submission of the required information relating to club finance and risk assessment as prescribed by their relevant region.

To ensure the premiums covered by the QRL can be calculated accurately, all clubs are required to confirm the total number of under 6 to under 18 teams that will be participating in 2020 through their relevant local league.  This information is required by August 1.    

In exceptional circumstances, where clubs can provide evidence of significant cash flow concern, the process outlined below should be followed, with the support of the QRL manager in their area. 

  • Do you have immediate concern over 2020 Cash Flow? (Yes/No)

  • If no, there is no further action you are required to take

  • If yes, have you completed and submitted the QRL short term financial audit to your relevant QRL manager? (Yes/No)

  • If no, please submit this immediately

  • If yes, please provide your relevant QRL manager with your most recent financial report (e.g. as at end of May).

The QRL will then work with your club on making alternate arrangements to ensure your club can participate in 2020 safely and with a degree of financial sustainability for 2021.

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