2018 QTOP A Grade Round 13

Battle of the top five as the Southport Tigers host the Tweed Heads Seagulls in this weeks highlighted match for Round 13 of the Rugby League Gold Coast QTOP A Grade Competition.

The Southport Tigers will host this weekends match of the round, against second on the ladder, the Tweed Heads Seagulls. Knocking Tugun out of the top five, the Tigers are turning it up another gear heading into the finals. “The boys ticked all the boxes and we are really picking it up and starting to get some consistency,” Southport Tigers Coach Mark Ross said. As the team starts to see some of their core A Grade player’s return to play, the Tigers will begin to get some cohesion and blend combinations. Ross knows the game against Tweed will be tough as they are a great team and the Tigers have yet to beat them this season, however the Tigers are in a better position from their last encounter in round five.

Following their win against the top of the ladder team, the Currumbin Eagles, the Tweed Heads Seagulls still know there is a lot of work ahead. “Although the full-time score wasn’t a really good indication on how the whole match went against Currumbin, our defence was good, and it will be something we work on,” Tweed Heads Seagulls Kevin Campion. The team will be looking at last weekend’s stand outs Reece Summer, Rory Lillis and Harry Hughes, heading in to this weekend’s tough clash against the Southport Tigers. The lead up for the team has been a scramble with player availability however with great support within the club some Under 20s will backup to assist and some to debut this weekend in A Grade.

At other grounds, the Currumbin Eagles take on the Burleigh Bears, up north the Ormeau Shearers play the Runaway Bay Seagulls and down south Tugun host Bilambil in a local derby.

Rugby League Gold Coast QTOP A Grade Round 13 Teams List

Currumbin Eagles v Burleigh Bears at Galleon Way, Saturday July 21 – 4pm

Currumbin Eagles

1. Hayden Allsop 2. Steve Elliott 3. Joel Rapana 4. Ken Allison 5. Kurt Perry 6. Travis Drought 7. Phil Ramage 8. Jarrod Gill 9. Daniel Webb 10. Pele Peletelese 11. Liam Donnelly 12. Jakob Smith 13. Jake Gleeson 14. Mike Tiopira 15. Zane Willshire 16. Chris Hodges 17. Michael Burgess

Coach: Ryan Gundry

Burleigh Bears

1. Jaxson Paulo 2. Mikey Williams 3. Justin Tavae 4. Allan Lockwood 5. Te McDonald 6. Taine Tuaupiki 7. Matt Egan 8. Kaleb Fuimoano 9. Zae Wallace 10. Jerome Veve 11. Api Noema-Matenga 12. Darius Farmer 13. Lochlyn Sheldon 14. Tyler Szepanowski 15. Huston Holloway 16. Ben Waleni 17. Marino Allen 18. Arron Shelford

Coach: Stuart Wilkins

Ormeau Shearers v Runaway Bay Seagulls at Brien Harris Oval, Sunday July 22 – 2pm

Ormeau Shearers

1. Shay Stevens 2. Hirini Robin 3. Dion Belford-Laulu 4. Joshua Walker 5. Liam Hori Clark 6. Michael Rasmussen 7. Cody Evans 8. Mohi Kendrick 9. Trent Shield 10. Aati Su’a 11. Pheonix Su’a 12. Jone Macilai 13. Shane Blow 14. Jordan Haim 15. Rangi Sutton 16. Storm Faagase 17. Lazeryth Su’a

Coach: Julius Kuresa

Runaway Bay Seagulls

1. Harry Hill 2. Steve Tolo 3. Jamie Anderson 4. Ian Fuaivaa 5. Daniel Kelly 6. Jimmy Poland 7. Conner Toia 8. Javarn Nofoagatotoa 9. Henry Chan-Ting 10. Jesse Malcolm 11. Darcy Sims 12. Dylan Pelo 13. Tane Rapira 14. Kimihia Pakipaki-Hemopo 15. Jenan Parrish 16. Corey Tapsall

Coach: Nick Gleeson

Southport Tigers v Tweed Heads Seagulls at Owen Park, Sunday July 22 – 2pm

Southport Tigers

1. Beau Cordtz 2. Corey Walker 3. Luke Ellis 4. Jonagh Gardiner 5. Carlo Alimboyong 6. Kobe Whalan 7. Chris Thomas 8. Denzal Ngati 9. Kane Rudolph 10. Hala Masila 11. Tu Whakatihi (c) 12. Simione Ata 13. Jacob Pottinger 14. Zoram Watene 15. Nathan Young 16. Lachlan Douglas 17. Judaea Monsall 18. Devon Toa 19. Jayden Sveistrup

Coach: Mark Ross

Tweed Heads Seagulls

1. Jayden Baker 2. Curtis Dansey-Smaller 3. Tony Matautia 4. Ethan Roberts 5. Macauley Dawson 6. Tre Williams 7. Bailey Gill 8. Mitch Sharp 9. Rex Johnson 10. Mick Grey 11. Reece Summer 12. Kirk Murphy 13. Kalani Going 14. Ethan Price 15. Rory Lillis 16. Harry Hughes 17. Jack Peacock

Coach: Kevin Campion

Tugun Seahawks v Bilambil Jets at Boyd Street, Sunday July 22 – 2pm

Tugun Seahawks

1. Corey Morris 2. Nathanael Barnes 3. Savern Rapana 4. Ayden Lee 5. Jai Veli 6. Kainoa Gudgeon 7. Keanu Te Kiri 8. Bryce Thomas 9. Paul Sheedy 10. Trent Smith 11. Shane Gray 12. Mitch Willmot 13. Nick Harrold 14. Nat Swain 15. Darby Rule

Coach: Clint Barends

Bilambil Jets

1. Ben Robinson-Patch 2. Luke Jaegar 3. Matt O’Rourke 4. Hayden Tolland 5. Conrad Green 6. Carne Rhodes 7. Ben Black 8. Mitch Spackman 9. Alex Fitzhugh 10. Harrison Burling 11. Kirren Roughley 12. Bailey Crompton 13. Drew McCullough 14. Tom Plater 15. Jack Welsh 16. Damien Ford 17. Brendan Welsh

Coach: Craig Rowles