2018 QTOP A Grade Round 7

Rugby League Gold Coast QTOP A Grade Round 7

For the first time in the 2018 season, the Tugun Seahawks will take on the Burleigh Bears at Boyd St. This much anticipated game will be the highlighted match of Round 7 of the Rugby League Gold Coast QTOP A Grade Competition.

Tugun Coach, Clint Barends predicts the game to be tough, coming up against a good young Burleigh squad, made tougher by the loss of Jai Veli to injury, Ayden Lee to representative duties and Shane Gillham to Queensland Cup. "With what is a pretty even competition so far, this game will be tough, hopefully the return of Bryce Thomas will give us a boost," Seahawks Coach Clint Barends said. Coming of a very close clash with Currumbin, Tugun will need to come out strong on Sunday.

With both sides not starting as strong in 2018 as they have in the past, it is going to be a tough game. "We understand what they will bring, but we also understand what we need to bring, with both sides trying to get the win," Burleigh Bears Coach Stuart Wilkins said. Following a convincing win over Bilambil, Burleigh aim to control the ball and replicate the same effort against what will be a tough Tugun side. Burleigh have been dealt a rough blow with the loss of their Captain Lorenzo Ma'afu and a reoccurring knee injury seeing Jeff Lynch also out of action. Opening the door for a number of players under 20, the Bears aim to develop the young talent and believe this is what the game is all about.

At other grounds, the Seagulls will clash when Runaway Bay take on Tweed Heads at Bycroft Oval, Currumbin will host the Bilambil Jets, whilst Ormeau play Southport. Also, on the Gold Coast this weekend, the QRL State A Grade Carnival and National Womens Carnival will be played at Southport's - Owen Park.

Runaway Bay Seagulls v Tweed Heads Seagulls at Bycroft Oval, Saturday June 2nd – 5pm

Runaway Bay Seagulls

1. Jack Mackin 2. Daniel Kelly 3. Jamie Anderson 4. Dylan Pelo 5. Jake Powell 6. Falani Arkell 7. Conner Toia 8. Erick Koelbel 9. Henry Chan-Ting 10. Tane Rapira 11. Jesse Malcom 12. Darcy Sims 13. Blake Midson 14. Siua LIKILIKI 15. Jenan Parrish

16. Ross Afoa 17. Ian Fuaivaa

Coach: Nick Gleeson

Tweed Heads Seagulls

1. Jayden baker 2. Tre Williams 3. Kurtis McDonald 4. Harry Hughes 5. Curtis Dansey-Smaller 6. Bailey Gill 7. Rex Johnson

8. Hiale Roycroft 9. Grant Garvey 10. Jordan Aiono 11. Sam Saville 12. Reece Summer 13. Josh Harvey 14. Kirk Murphy 15. Mike Gray

16. Macauley Dawson 17. Ethan Price

Coach: Kevin Campion

Currumbin Eagles v Bilambil Jets at Galleon Way, Sunday June 3rd – 2pm

Currumbin Eagles

1. Ken Allison 2. Harley Wood 3. Jakob Smith 4. Steven Elliot 5. Joel Rapana 6. Jake Gleeson 7. Michael Burgess 8. Jarrod Gill 9. Josh Campbell 10. Pele Peletelese 11. Liam Donelly 12. Blake Anderson 13. Reece Worboys 14. Kieran Tarrant 15. Dane Weston 16. Blake Morrison 17. Joshua Sexton

Coach: Ryan Gundry

Bilambil Jets

1. Ben Robinson-Patch 2. Conrad Green 3. Matt O'Rourke 4. Hayden Tolland 5. Nick Burns 6. Kobi Annand 7. Ben Black 8. Mitch Spackman 9. Thomas Rowles 10. Harrison Burling

11. Damien Ford 12. Bailey Crompton 13. Jack Rowles 14. Josh Fryer 15. Keiron Roughley 16. Will Malone 17. Brendan Welsh

Coach: Craig Rowles

Ormeau Shearers v Southport Tigers at Brian Harris Oval, Sunday June 3rd – 2pm

Ormeau Shearers

1. Michael Rassmussen 2. Aloesi Qio 3. Josh Walker 4. Jone Macilai 5. Mathew Woods 6. Grayson Te Kiri 7. Nathan Wilson 8. Mohi Kendrick 9. Cody Evans 10. Rob Parry 11. Vince Mellers 12. Trent Shield 13. Shane Blow 14. Jaymz Te Rupe Douglas-Webb

15. Maranatha Raeli 16. Alfred Penese 17. Pheonix Su'a

Coach: Julius Kuresa

Southport Tigers

1. Beau Cordtz 2. Corey Walker 3. Tevita Folau 4. Jonagh Gardiner 5. Carlo Alimboyong 6. Jordan Birch 7. Zoram Watene 8. Denzal Ngati 9. Jacob Pottinger 10. Nathan Young 11. Tu Whakatihi (C)

12. Dallas Donnelly 13. Naz Monsall 14. Zane Harris 15. Senn Kane 16. Hala Masila 17. Devon Toa 18. Bronson Kennach

Coach: Mark Ross

Tugun Seahawks v Burleigh Bears at Boyd St, Saturday June 3rd – 2pm

Tugun Seahawks

1. Keanu Te Kiri 2. Troy Canning 3. Kainoa Gudgeon 4.Savern Rapana 5. Elijah Barnes 6. Tayler Sorensen 7.Paul Sheedy 8. Nick Harrold (C) 9. Fletch Harrold 10. Trent Smith 11. Rob Apanui 12. Bryce Thomas 13. Ash Harrison 14. Will Takave 15. Mitch Willmot

16. Zac Walsh 17. TBA

Coach: Clint Barends

Burleigh Bears

1. Ben Fritz 2. Te McDonald 3. Josh Berkers 4. Justin Tavae 5. Mikey Williams 6. Josh Rog