2018 QTOP A Grade Round 1

The 2018 QTOP A Grade competition will kick off in a Gala Day at Bilambil Sports Complex on Sunday 22nd April. All four A Grade teams will play at Bilambil to exhibit what the Gold Coast has install for the rest of the season, with the first game to start at 10am.

Highlighted match for this round is home team Bilambil Jets versing the Ormeau Shearers. Relying heavily on the development of their juniors, the Bilambil Jets are excited for the season ahead seeing the return of a couple of players in Thomas Rowles and Jack Welsh, who will both play along their siblings. “We have got some experienced players, captain Mitch Spackman and Ben Black to help lead the young players on the paddock,” Bilambil Jets Coach Craig Rowles said. On the other hand, the Ormeau Shearers have heavily recruited for 2018 as only 3 players from the 2017 A Grade side return. Recruiting from all over Queensland, the Shearers side will be a new and fresh team in 2018. “The late start has really helped our pre-season, as we have been taking on teams outside the Gold Coast and now ready to start 2018,” Ormeau Shearers Coach Juilus Kuresa said. As Shane Blow captains the side and previous Tugun Seahawks player Grayson Te Kiri joins, the Shearers have needed time to bond as a new team. Half time entertainment for the Gala Day highlight will be provided by Dance Force based in Tweed Heads.

Rugby League Gold Coast Chairman Peter Daley is excited for the competition this year as each club will need to not only perform at home but away as all clubs will be competitive in 2018.

Round 1 Teams List

Southport Tigers v Currumbin Eagles at Bilambil Sports, Sunday, April 22nd – 10am

Southport Tigers

1.Beau Cordtz 2.Jonagh Gardiner 3.Naz Monsail 4.Dallas Donnelly 5.Callum Boomer 6.Kane Rudolph 7.Kobe Whalen 8.Denzil Ngati 9.Chris Thomas 10.Nathan Young 11.Tu Whakatihi-Paikea 12.Simione Ata 13.Justin McKenna 14.Corry Walker 15.Jaleel Seve 16.Hala Masila 17.Bronston Kennach

Coach: Luke Shaw

Currumbin Eagles

1.Hayden Alsop 2.Steven Elliott 3.Blake Anderson 4.Ken Allison (c) 5.Jake Smith 6.Jake Gleeson 7.Phil Rammage 8.Jarrod Gill 9.Josh Campbell 10.Dane Weston 11.Liam Donelly 12.Ryan Milligan 13.Dnaiel Webb 14.Wayne Ryburn 15.Kainoa Gudgeon 16.Ethan Williams 17.Chris Hodges 18.Pele Peletelese

Coach: Ryan Gundry

Burleigh Bears v Tweed Heads Seagulls at Bilambil Sports, Sunday, April 22nd – 11.45am

Burleigh Bears

1.Ben Fritz 2.Jaxson Paulo 3.Te McDonald 4.Josh Berkers 5.Allan Lockwood 6.Jack Rogers 7.Matt Egan 8.Jerome Veve 9.Zae Wallace 10.Tyler Sparkes 11.Jesse Savage 12.Matt Robinson 13.Lorenzo Ma’afu 14.Marino Allen 15.Kaleb Fuimaono 16.Anthony Gray 17.Zac Akehurst

Coach: Stuart Wilkins

Tweed Heads Seagulls

1.Shaun Carney 2.Try Williams 3.Kody Parson 4.Regan Muir 5.Tevita Polau 6.Kurtis McDonald 7.Ethan Roberts 8.Jarrod Morfett 9.Jack Cook 10.Jordan Aiono 11.Hiale Roycroft 12.Harrison Hughes 13.Josh Harvey 14.Jason McGrady 15.Jacob Pottinger 16.Rory Lilies 17.Mitch Sharp

Coach:K Kevin Campion

Bilambil Jets v Ormeau Shearers at Bilambil Sports, Sunday, April 22nd – 1.30pm

Bilambil Jets

1.Alex Fitzhugh 2.Luke Jaeger 3.Jack Welsh 4.Hayden Tolland 5.Josh Quinn 6.Kobi Annand 7.Ben Black 8.Mitch Spackman (c) 9.Thomas Rowles 10.Brendan Welsh 11.Drew McCullough 12.Bailey Crompton 13.Harrison Burling 14.Thomas Plater 16.Ethan Crowe 17.Will Malone

Coach: Craig Rowles

Ormeau Shearers

1.Josh Walker 2.Jayden Alaiasa-Heu 3.Hirini Robin 4.Vince Mellars 5.Josh Tupou 6.Grayson Te Kiri 7.Nathan Wilson 8.Jaymz Douglas-Webb 9.Dion McClymont 10.Shane Blow (c) 11.Dion Belford-Laulu 12.Sini Allen 13.Trent Shield 14.Robert Parry 15.Pheonix Su’a 16.Bj Burgess 17.Kendall Tamaariki

Coach: Julius Kuresa

Tugun Seahawks v Runaway Bay Seagulls, Sunday, April 22nd – 3.15pm

Tugun Seahawks

1. Corey Morris 2.Savern Rapana 3.Angus Jones 4.Jabe gamble 5.Jai Veli 6.Keanu Te Kiri 7.Paul Sheedy 8.Bruce Thomas 9.Tayler Sorensen 10.Trent Smith 11.Ayden Lee 12.Nick Harrold (c) 13.Ashley Harrison 14.Nat Swain 15.Blake Zillman 16.Nick Abood 17.Shane Gillham

Coach: Clint Barends

Runaway Bay Seagulls

1.Jack Mackin 2.Daniel Kelly 3.Jamie Anderson 4.Matt Gandy 5.Jake Powell 6.Falani Arkell 7.Conner Toia 8.Jah Nofoagatotoa 9.Henry Chan-Ting 10.Tane Rapira 11.Andrew Vela 12.Jesse Malcom 13.Blake Midson 14.Jenan Parrish 15.Kimihia Pakipaki-Hemopo 16.Dylan Pelo

Coach: Nick Gleeson

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