2018 Naming Rights Partnership Announcement

Rugby League Gold Coast are pleased to announce that Queensland Traffic Offenders Program (QTOP) and Queensland Traffic Education Program (QTEP) have signed on as our Platinum sponsor for the 2018 season.

QTOP/QTEP Director Lara signing agreement with RLGC Manager Scott Dunshea

Queensland Traffic Offenders Program (QTOP) will be our naming rights sponsor for our ‘A’ Grade, Doug Lipp Reserve Grade and Under 19’s Competitions with Queensland Traffic Education Program (QTEP) being our naming rights sponsor for all of our Junior Competitions for 2018.

A significant part of QTEP’s partnership with Rugby League Gold Coast will see QTEP providing numerous educational sessions to all our member clubs including players, coaches, volunteers and members of your clubs.

Queensland Traffic Offenders Program (QTOP) is a road safety education program. The program has been running since March 2006 and has established close working links with Corrective Services, Lawyers, Judiciary, Rehabilitation Centres, Psychologists, Drug & Alcohol Counsellors.

QTOP over the years has won many awards and in March 2017 was awarded an Acknowledgement Award at the Australian Road Safety Awards in Melbourne for a road safety program in QLD.

The program was the first of its kind in Queensland and has now developed an ONLINE program for anyone Queensland wide, Australia wide and Worldwide and is the only online program of its type in the WORLD!

The benefits of this program are far reaching and will result in great changes in the rates of traffic offending. However, the greatest benefit of all is that this program will save lives.

Some years ago, QTOP saw the need for a road safety education program for drivers and opened the program to the broader community. They now have new drivers, drivers as a refresher course, sporting organisations and corporate entities attending their program.

During the three (3) session program, participants hear from expert qualified lecturers in a diverse range of fields who relate their professional experiences with both offenders and accident victims. Speakers include driver safety trainers, emergency services officers, drug, alcohol and trauma counsellors, lawyers and victims. The objective is to encourage drivers to reform their dangerous habits and therefore reduce their risk of reoffending.

Informal statistical analysis of the program so far has shown it is a success with a very low rate of participants of the program reoffending. QTOP has now had over 10,000 people attend with a low recidivism rate of less than 2% from their own investigations.

QTOP plays a vital role in helping to improve the safety of our community. They see firsthand the trauma caused to victims and offenders from traffic offending.

The QTOP program also addresses some of the behavioral issues behind driver behavior - like drug and alcohol abuse - meaning it can contribute to an improvement in overall community health. QTOP regularly refers attendees for further drug and alcohol intervention.

QTOP also saw the need for a road safety education program to be delivered to the corporate sector. In 2016 they developed the “Queensland Traffic Education Program (QTEP) which delivers a general road safety program to corporations (qtep.com.au).

Rugby League Gold Coast is very excited for the opportunity to partner with QTOP and QTEP and we are looking forward to having a successful partnership for the 2018 season.

Proud Sponsors of Rugby League Gold Coast

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