Junior Grand Final at Currumbin

Currumbin Eagles will host the 2017 Junior Grand Finals this weekend 1st, 2nd, 3rd of September. See important details below to ensure the weekend runs smooth for all involved.

Click here for mud map.

Click here for weekend draw - also accessible via online fixtures.

There will be full canteen facilities available on the day including coffee facilities.

Message from Currumbin:

There will be no smoking on site at any time. Site means any area inside the council footpath. Under the new smoking laws this also means the use of E-cigaretts or vapourises.

There will be no Alcohol brought onto the premises. Any alcohol brought on site will only be consumed in the designated areas.

There will be no pets allowed on site.

Team "Run Through" Banners: although we support the joy and excitement of all players having the opportunity to run through their respective team banners and fully appreciate the hard work that goes into their construction. If you build it, please dispose of it, back into the vehicle it came from.

See QLD Traffic web to assist with planning your trip, as it will show the current closures and road work areas. https://qldtraffic.qld.gov.au/

Rugby League Gold Coast and Currumbin Eagles look forward to welcoming you for a great weekend full of rugby league!

Proud Sponsors of Rugby League Gold Coast

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