A Grade Round 16

Only two rounds to go, the Rugby League Gold Coast Round 16 will kick off this weekend in anticipation. Unfortunately, the Ormeau v Runaway Bay match to be played on Saturday will not be going ahead due to the lack of player numbers in the Ormeau side.

Burleigh Bears v Bilambil Jets

On Saturday, the Burleigh Bears will take on the hungry Bilambil Jets at Pizzey Park. Suffering a loss against the Tugun Seahawks, the Jets are rebuilding to ensure they maintain their finals contention. The Jets will be working on attacking plays as they gear up for another tough match against the Bears. Mitch Spackman stands out from last weekend and will be leading the team to finals. On the opposite spectrum, the Burleigh Bears comfortably sit at the top of the ladder. Defending exceptionally well last weekend, the bears know what to expect from the Bilambil side this weekend. “We defended well and I was really happy with everyone’s performance, although a bit rough in attack we still have room to improve,” Bears coach Stuart Wilkins said. The Bears will again see some shuffle in the playing roster with Jake Carl, Tyler Sparkes and Jesse Malcolm standing out in last week’s match.

Currumbin Eagles v Tugun Seahawks

Sunday will see the battle of the birds as the Currumbin Eagles host the Tugun Seahawks at Galleon Way. Struggling to challenge the Burleigh Bears, the Eagles have improved and are becoming very competitive towards the end of the season. Just outside finals contention the Eagles will be motivated to surprise Tugun and secure a win. Coming off a confident 50-6 win against the Bilambil Jets, the Tugun Seahawks will see the return of a couple of players from injury. “Once we get into the grind of things, we run well and start to see our set plays evolve,” Seahawks coach Martin Griese said. The Seahawks are looking forward to the next couple of weeks and will not change any routines in the lead up. Stand out players Adam Barnes, Zac Jones and Drumayne Dayberg-Muir will be players to look out for.

Southport Tigers v Tweed Head Seagulls

The Southport Tigers will play host to the Tweed Heads Seagulls at Owen Park on Sunday. Falling short against the Runaway Bay Seagulls 30-20, the Tweed Heads Seagulls are looking to cement their fourth-place position. Leading in the first half the Seagulls struggled to maintain their lead and were over powered by the physical Runaway Bay side. “Runaway Bay were strong in the middle and that’s what we have been working on,” Seagulls coach Darryl Fisher said. Players to look out for will be Josh Harvey, Shem Vaoa and Jackson Clarke. The Southport Tigers also experienced a win over the weekend, defeating the Ormeau Shearers 46-22. “We need to improve a lot in defence, complete sets and be competitive in these last few rounds,” Tigers coach Tim Cannard said. Working on individual tackles, ball security and set plays, the Tigers know the Seagulls will be hungry following their loss on the weekend. Zoram Watene and Mick Esdale stand out and will be ones to watch.

Round 16 Teams List

Burleigh Bears v Bilambil Jets at Pizzey Park, Saturday, August 12th – 2.15pm

Burleigh Bears

1. Toby McIntosh 2. Waka Wanahi 3. Dylan Pelo 4. Te Rangiatea McDonald 5. Corey Alexander 6. Daniel Schwass 7. Jacob Grant 8. Daymeric Pelo 9. Sam Grant 10. Anthony Gray 11. Jesse Malcolm 12. Sam Swift 13. Lorenzo Maafu 14. Jason Bradfield 15. Tane Rapira 16. Ethan Mafi 17. Huston Holloway

Coach: Stuart Wilkins

Bilambil Jets

1. Cal Lynn 2. Brodie Cook 3. Luke Havey 4. Allan Lockwood 5. Luke Jaeger 6. Tom Daney 7. Carne Rhodes 8. Mitch Spackman (c) 9. Alex Fitzhugh 10. Wade Hall 11. Drew McCullough 12. Matt O’Rourke 13. Tom Raftery 14. Brendon Welsh 15. Harrison Burling 16. Andrew Hart 17. TBA

Coach: Craig Rowles

Currumbin Eagles v Tugun Seahawks at Galleon Way, Sunday, August 13th – 2pm

Currumbin Eagles

1. Jake Gould 2. Lachie Smith 3. Kenny Allison (c) 4. Miki Pohio 5. Harley Wood 6. Kyle Ramage 7. Jake Gleeson 8. Jarrod Gill 9. Kelly Benson 10. Kieran Tarrant 11. Liam Donnelly 12. Scott Avery 13. Jacob Roby 14. Ethan Williams 15. Jayde Batchelor 16. Jake Harlen 17. Brendan Ratcliff

Coach: Ryan Gundry

Tugun Seahawks

1. Corey Morris 2. Zac Jones 3. Jabe Gamble 4. Timi Cassidy 5. Savern Rapana 6. Grayson Te Kiri 7. Drumayne Dayberg-Muir 8. Bryce Thomas 9. Chris Thomas 10. Timi Matenga 11. Tu Whakatihi 12. Ayden Lee 13. Dan Webb 14. Sam Eley 15. Chris Hodges 16. Dean Murphy 17. TBA

Coach: Martin Griese

Southport Tigers v Tweed Heads Seagulls at Owen Park, Sunday, August 13th – 2pm

Southport Tigers

1. Dylan Lagerstrom 2. Josh Wooton 3. Lewis Barnett 4. Naz Monsall 5. Classie Oti 6. Scott Jenson 7. Zoram Watene 8. Judaea Monsall 9. Izzy Oti 10. Adam Kelly 11. TBA 12. Jake Landers 13. Mick Esdale 17. Sam Morton 18. Cody Evans 19. Bronston Kennach 20. Corey Griffiths

Coach: Tim Cannard

Tweed Heads

1. Paul Sheedy 2. David Sheridan 3. Brayden McGrady 4. Sione Alofi 5. Macauley Dawson 6. Kobi Annand 7. Jack Cook 8. Jarrod Morfett 9. Jenan Parrish 10. Josh Harvey (c) 11. Mike Gray 12. Maia Sands 13. Jackson Clarke 14. Jordan Aiono 15. Sam Tochterman 16. Shaun Hiinton 17. Shem Vaoa

Coach: Darryl Fisher

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