A Grade Round 10

Congratulations to Tweed Heads Seagulls player Shem Vaoa who will be representing the Queensland Rangers side this Sunday 11.50am at Pizzey Park. See preview of Round 10 of the Rugby League Gold Coast A Grade Competition.

Runaway Bay Seagulls v Ormeau Shearers

On Saturday, the Runaway Bay Seagulls will play host to the Ormeau Shearers. Defeating the Bilambil Jets 25-18 last weekend, the Seagulls are confident in taking on the Shearers at home. A tight contest for the Seagulls as the Jets slowly came back forcing a field goal to separate the match. The Seagulls know the Shearers are always strong and have geared up for a physical game. Although losing to the Currumbin Eagles, the Shearers are maintaining positivity leading into this weekend. Battling constant injury, the Shearers are working hard to ensure their errors from last week are rectified. “We have worked on our right edge and will continue to work on our structure”, said Shearers Coach Jeremy Golf. Credit to the halves for controlling the team, the Shearers are eager to keep pressing on and tighten the middle.

Currumbin Eagles v Bilambil Jets

Sunday the local rivals the Currumbin Eagles will take on the Bilambil Jets at Galleon Way. Defeating the Ormeau Shearers 51-14, the Eagles have been positive at training and are eager to take on the Jets. “We are ready to get down early and are keen to start well”, said Eagles Coach Ryan Gundry. The Eagles have had a couple of changes and are seeing the rise of young players backing up to play. Stand out Ken Allison is playing some of his best football and will be a good rise for the squad. Down south the Jets are gearing up for a tough match as their last encounter saw them only defeating the Eagles 24-20.

Southport Tigers v Tweed Heads Seagulls

Central Gold Coast, will see the Southport Tigers take on one of the top teams in the Tweed Heads Seagulls. The Tigers are hoping to give third on the ladder a challenge as they give Burleigh Bears a run last weekend just falling short 34-16. “We held the ball and built pressure which was good to see”, said Tigers Coach Tim Cannard. Playing their best football all season, the Tigers have been working on tightening the ruck and strengthening the middles. Zoram Watene, Mick Esdale and Lamonz Williams stand out and will be ones to watch. Experiencing the wrath of the Tugun Seahawks, the Seagulls have been positive about the 8-16 loss over the weekend. “They were much more clinical and I was really happy with the team and their attitude”, said Seagulls Coach Darryl Fisher. Stand outs Tevita Folau and Maia Sands will be ones to watch this weekend.

Tugun Seahawks v Burleigh Bears

Top of the table clash will see the 2016 Grand Final rematch between the Tugun Seahawks and Burleigh Bears. Defeating third on the ladder the Tweed Heads Seagulls, the Seahawks are hoping to play the same squad as last weekend. “Our combinations are starting to work better and the Bears will be a good test to that”, said Seahawks Coach Martin Griese. The Seahawks forward pack were mentioned as stand outs and will be key to their defence. Shaken by Southport’s hard attack, the Burleigh Bears have worked on building their energy and intensity on the field. Dylan Pelo and Ricardo Parata stand out and will be ones to watch this weekend. The Bears are gearing up for a tough match and are looking forward to the challenge.

Round 10 Teams List

Runaway Bay Seagulls v Ormeau Shearers at Bycroft Oval, Saturday, June 24th – 5.30pm

Runaway Bay Seagulls

Coach: Clinton Toopi

1. John Mackin 2. Jayden Alaiasa-Heu 3. Blake Midson 4. Jake Powell 5. Harry Hill 6. James Poland 7. Falani Arkell 8. Benjamin Tuala 9. Henry Chan-Ting 10. Jordan McLaughlin 11. Andrew Vela 12. Santana Latu 13. Ethan Gallop 14. Kingi Akauola 15. Ian Fuaivaa 16. Kimihia Hemopo 17. Jackson O’Leary

Ormeau Shearers

Coach: Jeremy Golf

1. Curtis Walsh 2. Kaya Gray-Mackay 3. Josh Walker 4. Lewis Prizeman 5. Mat Woods 6. Blake Brown 7. Ben Muller 8. Shane Blow 9. Dallas Chase 10. Mohi Kendrick 11. Trent Shield 12. Jordan Haim 13. Jack Sanburg 14. Lazeryth Sua 15. Taani Uhila-Ngata 16. Alfred Marsters 17. Robert Marsters

Currumbin Eagles v Bilambil Jets at Galleon Way, Sunday, June 25th – 2pm

Currumbin Eagles

Coach: Ryan Gundry

1. Jackson Galwey 2. Lachie Smith 3. Kenny Allison (c) 4. Nathan Ingram 5. Harley Wood 6. Brayden Evans 7. Liam Donnelly 8. Jarrod Gill 9. Kelly Benson 10. Kieran Tarrant 11. Jayde Batchelor 12. Scott Avery 13. Wayne Ryburn 14. Jake Long 15. Cooper Hennessey 16. Ethan Williams 17. Jacob Roby

Bilambil Jets

Coach: Craig Rowles

1. Luke Harvey 2. Josh Quinn 3. Brodie Cook 4. Ben Bullock 6. Tom Dawney 7. Cal Lynn 8. Mitch Spackman (c) 9. Tom Raftery 10. Wade Hall 11. Harrison Burling 12. Koen Sleba 13. Jackson Springer 14. Tom Plater 15. Chris Rigney 17. Brendan Walsh

Southport Tigers v Tweed Heads Seagulls, Sunday, June 25th – 2pm

Southport Tigers

Coach: Tim Cannard

1. Jordan Stewart 2. Jayden Watene 3. Joe Ramsden 4. Carlo Alimboyong 5. Classie Oti 6. Israel Oti 7. Kane Rudolph 8. Te-Reihana Peters 9. Damian Dumas 10. Lachlan Douglas 11. Justin McKenna 12. Adam Kelly 13. Mick Esdale 14. Zoram Watene 15. Jake Landers 17. Dylan Lagerstrom 19. Tahu-Potiki Tawhiwhirangi 20. Cody Evans

Tweed Heads

Coach: Darryl Fisher

1.Jayden Baker 2. David Green 3. Kurtis McDonald 4. Regan Muir 5. David Sheridan 6. Kobi Annand 7. Ben Jackson 8. Ezra Howe 9. Mackensie Reid 10. Josh Harvey 11. Dane Clarke 12. Kirk Murphy 13. Shaun Hinton 14. Angus Dorante 15. Mike Grey 16. Diaz Sharrock 17. Michael McKinnon 18. Jordan Aiono 19. Jarrod Morfett