A Grade Round 4

The Rugby League Gold Coast A Grade competition will kick off Round 4 this week, after a successful representative weekend at the 2017 Chairman’s Challenge. Undefeated at the carnival held in Brisbane Souths Brandon Park, the Gold Coast A Grade Vikings clearly out played Ipswich and Brisbane. On Saturday, the Vikings dominated in a 30-6 win against the Ipswich Jets and Sunday saw them win and secure the Chairman’s Challenge Cup in a 32-12 win against Brisbane.

Another positive for the league is the inclusion of multiple players in the South East Queensland (SEQ) team to play at the A Grade State Carnival for the June 9,10,11 weekend at Owen Park, Southport. Players selected for the SEQ side below.

Sione Alofi (Tweed Heads Seagulls), Jamie Anderson (Runaway Bay Seagulls), Adam Barnes (Tugun Seahawks), Michael Esdale (Southport), Jacob Grant (Burleigh Bears), Ayden Lee (Tugun Seahawks), Troy Leo (Burleigh Bears), Shem Vaoa (Tweed Heads Seagulls)

After a great weekend of representative football and multiple player selected from the Gold Coast Vikings to the South-East Queensland side, the A Grade competition is looking as strong as ever.

Ormeau Shearers v Tweed Heads Seagulls

The Ormeau Shearers will host the Tweed Heads Seagulls at home for a physical battle to redeem last rounds loss against the Currumbin Eagles. Continuously working on defence, the Shearers know everyone is doing their job and aiming to challenge each team in the competition. The Seagulls will need to gear up for a tough match as the Shearers defence has proven to create pressure and unforced errors amongst other teams. If the representative weekend is any indication of the Seagulls side, the team is looking strong and confident in many ways. As Sione Alofi and Shem Vaoa are both selected for the South-East Queensland side, preparations for the team have been inconsistent as Jack Cook was also selected in the Gold Coast Vikings side over the weekend. The Seagulls will be aiming to draw on their 36-10 win last round against the Tugun Seahawks.

Currumbin Eagles v Bilambil Jets

The Bilambil Jets proving to be a thorn in everyone’s side as they challenge the Runaway Bay Seagulls in a 36-16 loss last round. A great confidence boost for the side as captain and one of the strongest forwards in the competition Mitch Spackman represented the Gold Coast Vikings side last weekend. The Jets will be heading into this week with minimal disturbance and hope to dominate the Currumbin Eagles in their own nest. Slowly building the teams combinations with newly recruited players, the Eagles have enjoyed the rest weekend. Working on the basics ball control, completing sets and defence the Eagles are excited to take on the local rivals.

Tugun Seahawks v Burleigh Bears

The Burleigh Bears and Tugun Seahawks will come together to play for the Crackers Tangata-Toa Cup. Joe Tangata-Toa and Mark “Crackers” Goodwin are player legends from Burleigh and Tugun respectively. As Jake Carl, Troy Leo, Jacob Grant, Tyler Sparkes, Rhys Duke and Daymeric Pelo all represent the Gold Coast Vikings, the match up against the Seahawks will be one of full force especially with the known competitive rivalry between the two teams. The Seahawks Corey Morris, Adam Barnes, Chris Thomas and Ayden Lee also represent the Gold Coast and prove their side is as strong as ever despite their loss against the Tweed Heads Seagulls last round 36-10. Although some positive for the club, the side still has key players out of this weekend match due to injury. Great depth in the club, the Seahawks will be eager to defend their 2016 title.

Southport Tigers v Runaway Bay Seagulls

The Runaway Bay Seagulls, manage to stay competitive as they lose to the Burleigh Bears 28-14 last round after losing by a significant amount in the trails. Juggling players between Reserve and A Grade, the Seagulls are still trying to find their footing for the 2017 season. Bringing another element to the team is centre Jamie Anderson who was selected for the Gold Coast Vikings team and again will represent the SEQ side to play in June. A challenge for the Tigers as they have yet to win a match this season and the Seagulls only having lost one. The Tigers also represented in the Gold Coast Vikings in Adam Kelly and captain Mick Esdale who will also play for the SEQ side. Experiencing some changes in player roster, the team will have a shift in combinations and playing positions. Spicing up their game plan Coach Tim Cannard is positive for what this week can bring as player return from injury and the team trains hard in the lead up.

Round 4 Team List

Ormeau Shearers v Tweed Heads Seagulls at Brien Harris Oval, Sunday, May 14 – 2pm

Ormeau Shearers

Coach: Jeremy Golf

1. Curtis Walsh 2. Kaya Gray-Mackay 3. Josh Walker 4. Kurt Sparey 5. Brandon Radke 6. Blake Brown 7. Ethan Taylor 8. Carl Leifi 9. Dallas Chase 10. Luke Monk 11. Trent Shield 12. Jordan Haim 13. Shane Blow 14. Jack Sanburg 15. Matt Parata

Tweed Heads

Coach: Daryl Fisher

1.Jayden Baker 2. David Green 3. Kurtis McDonald 4. Regan Muir 5. David Sheridan 6. Kobi Annand 7. Ben Jackson 8. Ezra Howe 9. Mackensie Reid 10. Josh Harvey 11. Dane Clarke 12. Kirk Murphy 13. Shaun Hinton 14. Angus Dorante 15. Mike Grey 16. Diaz Sharrock 17. Michael McKinnon 18. Jordan Aiono 19. Jarrod Morfett

Currumbin Eagles v Bilambil Jets at Galleon Way, Sunday, May 14 – 2pm

Currumbin Eagles

Coach: Ryan Gundry

1. Kyle Ramage 2. Nathan Corden 2. Ken Allison 4. Mikaoli Pohio 5. Bailey Desmond 6. Braydon Evans 7. Brad Williams 8. Jarrod Gill 9. Kelly Benson 10. Keiran Tarrant 11. Jayde Batchlor 12. Scott Avery 13. Liam Donnelly 14. Jacob Roby 15. Cooper Hennessey 16. Ethan Williams 17. Kerrod Morris

Bilambil Jets

Coach: Craig Rowles

1. Luke Jaegar 2. Alex Fitzhugh 3. Luke McNamara 4. Brodie Cook 5. Matt Ryan 6. Carne Rhodes 7. Cal Lynn 8. Mitch Spackman 9. Zeke Garrett 10. Wade Hall 11. Jackson Springer 12. Drew McCullough 13. Tom Dawney 14. Zennon Dorrough 15. Brendan Welsh 16. Chris Rigney 17. Tom Plater

Tugun Seahawks v Burleigh Bears at Boyd Street, Sunday, May 14 – 2pm

Tugun Seahawks

Coach: Martin Griese

1. Corey Morris 2. Adam Barnes 3. Timi Matenga 4. Tim Cassidy 5. Savern Rapana 6. Jabe Gamble 7. Nathaniel Swain 8. Bryce Thomas 9. Chris Thomas 10. Levi Norton 11. Dean Murphy 12. Ayden Lee 13. Shane Gray 14. Dylan McLaren 15. Travis Barry 17. Simi Ata

Burleigh Bears

Coach: Stuart Wilkins

1. Toby McIntosh 2. Oliver Regan 3.Troy Leo 4. Dylan Pelo 5. Waka Wanahi 6. Sam Grant 7. Jacob Grant 8. Tyler Sparkes 9. Ricardo Parata 10. Daymeric Pelo 11. Sam Swift 12. Jesse Malcolm 13. Rhys Duke 14. Dallas Wells 15. Anthony Gray 16. James Dunley 17. Jason Bradfield

Southport Tigers v Runaway Bay Seagulls at Owen Park, Sunday, May 14 – 2pm

Southport Tigers

Coach: Tim Cannard

1. Jayden Watene 2. Lamonz Williams 3. Israel Oti 4. Jordan Stewart 5. Tawhiao Rogers 6. Nathan Wilson 7. Tuhoea Watene 8. Adam Kelly 9. Kane Rudolph 10. Corey Griffiths 11. Jake Landers 12. Joseph Ramsden 13. Michael Esdale 14. Scott Jensen 15. Lachlan Douglas 17. Te -Reihana Peters 20. Ammon Fruean

Runaway Bay Seagulls

Coach: Clinton Toopi

1. John Mackin 2. Walter Lauenstein 3. Matthew Gandy 4. Jamie Anderson 5. Jake Powell 6. Falani Arkell 7. Shaun Nipperess 8. Benjamin Tuala 9. Ethan Gallop 10. Jordan McLaughlin 11. Kimi Pakipaki-Hempo 12. Jackson O’Leary 13. Sanatan Latu 14. Cruze Tamatea 15. Andrew Vela 16. Henry Chan-Ting 17. Blake Midson

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