A Grade Round 3

Round 3 of the Rugby League Gold Coast A Grade Competition.

Runaway Bay Seagulls v Bilambil Jets

The Runaway Bay Seagulls will take on the Bilambil Jets in an ANZAC special match on Saturday 2pm at Bycroft Oval. A couple players short to start the weekend the Jets will be looking for clubs support in the Reserve Grade and U19s. Coach Craig Rowles is content with the teams completion rates last weekend defeating the Tweed Heads Seagulls 20-10. “Everyone contributed and shared the work load which was a clear positive,” said Rowles. Scoring a double Luke McNamara and Captain Mitch Spackman stand out leading the team for a strong 2017 season. The Jets know the Seagulls will be strong and need to control the football, ruck and match. Close game for the Runaway Bay Seagulls as they lose to the Tugun Seahawks 22-20 over the weekend. A strong defensive line, the Seagulls have been working to juggle player movement and building combinations. “Tugun was a great indication of where we are at for the competition and we can only improve from here,” said Coach Clinton Toopi. A great ANZAC match as both teams establish their dominance in the competition.

Burleigh Bears v Southport Tigers

A convincing 62-10 win over the weekend the Burleigh Bears will go head to head with the unpredictable Southport Tigers. Coach Stuart Wilkins hopes the team can work on the little errors made as the season progresses small errors can be detrimental later in the season. “Ormeau were really strong in the centre and definitely kept persisting which really forced us to complete,” Wilkins said. Full back Toby McIntosh, Ricardo Parata and Anthony Gray all stand out over the weekend. The Bears know Southport will be tough and should not be underestimated. A little on the back foot the Tigers experience a loss against the Currumbin Eagles 8-18. “Our completion rates dropped from last week down to 28% and we were just out enthused by Currumbin,” said Coach Tim Cannard. Although disappointed the Tigers defence was strong and lost through fatigue of after unforced errors, cause repeat defensive sets. Stand out Jake Landers will sit on the side lines this weekend as injury strikes. Cannard hopes the team can start strong and lift their on-field behaviour and attitude.

Tweed Heads Seagulls v Tugun Seahawks

Over the boarder, the Tweed Heads Seagulls will encounter the wraths of the Tugun Seahawks. Tugun showing signs of weakness as key players Grayson Te Kiri, Reece Worboys, Tim Matenga and Daniel Webb all sit out this weekend due to injury. Although losing a couple players Coach Martin Griese is confident the club has the depth to take on the Seagulls. “We are still working on a lot of combinations and know Tweed will be strong and fiery this weekend,” said Griese. Experiencing a loss over the weekend, the Tweed Heads Seagulls are motivated to bring back enthusiasm and grit for this weekend. Coach Darryl Fisher is hopeful that the team can capitalise on their other great game facets if they are patient. “We just didn’t get the momentum and Bilambil just out enthused us,” Fisher speaks of last weekend’s game. Stand out players Sione Alofi and Josh Harvey will be vital in lifting the team this weekend.

Ormeau Shearers v Currumbin Eagles

The Ormeau Shearers will be looking to challenge the Currumbin Eagles after a brutal encounter with Burleigh last week. Although defeated Coach Jeremy Golf was pleased with the progress and improvement of the team from Round 1. “We have been continuously aiming to improve each round and think our defence was much better over the weekend,” Golf said. The team has been working on the ruck speed, tackling numbers, and creating opportunities. The Currumbin Eagles come out with a win over the Southport Tigers 18-8 and are hoping to secure another win for the season. Coach Ryan Gundry knows there is plenty to improve on and hopes the team can focus on what’s ahead. “We need to keep completing sets and improve across the board,” Gundry said. Stand out players Jarrod Gill, Kelly Benson and Kyle Ramage will be ones to watch this weekend.

Good Luck to all teams this weekend!

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